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Hello world! Welcome to our website St. Petersburg Travel Guide that helps you get to know ins and outs in St. Petersburg, Russia.

We are two writers, Sergey and Ivan, who often answer questions from travelers or friends from other countries about the city: how to get to and from airport, how to get to Vyborg, what to see, where to eat and stay, what’s the best time to visit the Hermitage and where to see Mr Putin and so on and so on.

Answering these questions, i. e. the level of safety in the streets or if it’s risky to drink tap water, gave us the idea to create a website about St. Petersburg with detailed how-tos and the possibility to ask questions and get answers – from us.

What makes us different from other websites is that we focus on practical things. You will not learn how many stations the city’s metro has or how long the tracks are (we cannot imagine why an average tourist would need this information), but you will get a detailed guide to how to pay for a trip (with photos).

We try to give you a local and in-depth perspective on transport, entertainments, dining and accommodation. For those who want to explore the city beyond Nevsky Prospect and the Hermitage, we wrote a few walking itineraries (with photos, of course).

We keep you updated. There is a wealth of information about St. Petersburg, but the world is changing fast and there is always something new to tell. Being online enables us to provide you with fresh content, so feel welcome and do not hesitate to ask any questions.

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